Adult Games | 4-08-2022, 22:26
You, the protagonist of all this, with a big heart (and somenthing else..) because of your past, are someone with a boring and lonely life. But one day, given by your personality to help others no
Adult Games | 29-06-2022, 22:52
Date: 29 June 2022 Version: Ch 1 ver 1.1 Language: English, Italian Censored: no The first chapter of an episodic Action Sci-fi story about a transfer employee to the big city and a fateful encounter
Adult Games | 30-07-2021, 00:37
Date: 2021-01-10 Censored: No Version: ch 5 version 0.6.1 Language: English Overview: Nearly five years ago, the death of your wife left you in charge of your two young wards. You tried to be the